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    I'm a 5th-grade teacher whole loves connecting my class to the world. I'm just trying to provide a global context for my students' learning experience. I started connecting my class using Skype 10 years ago with working artists when my art time was cut.

    The Fake News Challenge is my new passion. Check out the lesson posted in the Microsoft Education Site. You can also help by having your class submit articles for my class to fact check at or see my TEDx talk from Bratislava on working to develop truth seekers in our students.

    Professional Bio - Founding member of Skype's Master Teachers group. 2015 & 2016 MIE Expert. Selected 2014 Orange County Teacher of the Year, 2014 California State Teacher of the Year Finalist, 2014 OC CUE Outstanding Educator and 2013 Project Tomorrow's Innovative STEM Teacher Award winner. My class was highlighted in Microsoft's Super Bowl ad in 2014 and 2015. Co-founder of Global School Play Day I’m the creator of Technology Applied Science Fair and co-host The BedleyBros EdChat Show. @bedleybros @scotteach @TASFair

    Favorite Quote
    What you do speaks loud that I can't hear what you say...

    Favorite Book
    Out of My Mind by Sharon M Draper Freakonomics by Steve and Steve...

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