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    Hello! I'm interested in being a guest speaker. I am a freelance game developer who works on a lot of indie games and virtual reality projects. I previously worked as a program manager at Microsoft and before that I helped teach computer science at the University of Arizona. My family is from the Dominican Republic, so I also know Spanish! However, I mostly grew up in the United States, so I'm just barely fluent in Spanish.

    I can talk a lot about the tech industry and the games industry, what they're like, why I like working in them, and offer some relevant career advice. I can also talk about programming. show why I think programming is awesome, and offer tips on learning to program.

    My Interests
    I absolutely love learning, so I'm usually reading a lot of non-fiction. I also love hiking, running, playing soccer, hanging out with family and friends, watching cartoons (they're the best!), and eating good food. I also like to write articles on my blog, some of which have gotten pretty popular around the industry.

    Favorite Quote
    "I believe that those of us who are the producers and purveyors of television -- or video games or newspapers or any mass media -- I believe that we are the servants of this nation." -- Mr. Rogers

    Favorite Book
    "The Art of Game Design" by Jesse Schell. This book teaches so many valuable creative skills and life lessons in such a fun and heartwarming way. :)

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