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    8–10 lat / 6–7 lat / 14–18 lat / 11–13 lat
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My name is Jacek Mielcarek. I am a graduate of the Teachers' College of Foreign Languages, specialty in English, a master's degree in pedagogy, computer science and computer classes for teachers, oligophrenopedagogy and management of an educational institution. I am currently working at the Primary School Kornel Makuszyński in Radowo Mały. I work as a teacher of computer science and English.

As a teacher for the highest goals, I focus on developing the interests and passions of my students, which is why I introduce new technologies in the classroom to facilitate teaching English. I have introduced such programs as: Insta.Ling, Kahoot, Quzilet or Learningapps. I also run additional classes in robotics and programming. I'm the administrator of the youtube channel Robotyka SP Radowo Małe, where I put videos from classes in "Robotics and programming". We build and program robots Lego WeDo 2.0, Lego Boost, Codey Rocky, OZOBOTY and work with a 3D printer. My robotics and programming project was also included in the eTwinning publication (pp. 34-35). Programming with eTwinning. I also wrote an article in the journal ICT in education

My Interests
Hobby: robotics, programming, new technologies. What is special? That I want to share good practices with teachers from around the world.

Favorite Quote
"Computers are going to be a part of our future...and that future is yours to shapes" - Barack Obama

Favorite Book
Books: "21 lessons for the 21st century", "Digital Dementia", "Waking up school".

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