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It’s got to be the closest you can get to real freedom. To be a legal predator in a society, employed by nobody and free to operate from any internet connection in the world as an online trader is pretty hard to beat, I reckon. Oh yes.

This month I’ve started a How to Scalp article where I’ve explained how to get started as a scalper. Each month I’ll add to it and hopefully it will be useful to those budding traders amongst you that are keen to give trading a proper go. The first two installments are the very basics with a couple of exercises with small stakes to give you a feel for the markets. Making money is not one of the objectives of either of this month’s installments, learning to lose and break even are more useful first lessons. Spend a little bit of time pressing the buttons and seeing what happens when you do certain things before trying to be an instant success. The biggest advantage of Betfair trading is just how cheap it is to lose, take advantage! Start on 2 quid stakes and go wild! They may not be free lessons but they are damn cheap!

I thought I’d also write a little piece this month introducing my brother, James, and showing my appreciation for his help. Things took a definite upturn 6 months ago when he realized how much help I needed and agreed to join RacingTraders to handle all customer support and enquiries. When I started developing Betbubbles I was a free spirit trading on Betfair for a living, which didn’t exactly prepare me for the work of running a business properly. James definitely made everything run a lot smoother.

Now we’re going from strength to strength, and we’ve got some big plans for 2019 which I’ll be revealing in future issues. It’s going to be an exciting year, if you’ve got any questions at all about BetTrader or about trading on Betfair please don’t hesitate to email us and we’ll be happy to help.

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