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      German, Hindi, Marathi
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      Ages 11-13 / All Ages / Ages 6-7 / Ages 8-10
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      Technology / Science / Math & Economics / Climate & Environment / Geography / History / World Languages
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      I am a science teacher and love to find out the science behind the scene. I can explain the scientific rules and theory in a explamanatery manner

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    I am a teacher in Government School,Maharashtra.I teach Language,Science and Geography.My school is situated in a rural part of India. I was trying to bridge the digital divide.Skype was the master stroke in those efforts. I have been chosen as Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2016-2017 .With Mystery Skype , my students see wider world. I would love to share our culture, education system, about our school and anything about India.Usually we play a game of 'Word Puzzle' in a mystery Skype. This is a rapid fire game. If you want to play , do request a mystery Skype.

    I know that future of the world is being nurtured by the teachers. I believe, technology can't replace a teacher, but the technology in the hands of teachers is transforming.So lets build the world using technology.

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    ICT, Science

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    Let's do it

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