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      English, Vietnamese
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      Độ tuổi 6-7 / Độ tuổi 11-13 / Độ tuổi 8-10
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      Địa lý / Khoa học / Lịch sử / Toán & Kinh tế
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      I have experience in Project-Based Learning and Microsoft's tools training such as OneNote, OneDrive, Sway, Skype In Classroom, Flipped Classroom,... I am now a master trainer in Vietnam to help educator use technology in classroom more effectively. If becoming a Guest Speaker, I can speak to other educator about how to use technology in classroom, how to save the time with it. I am happy to join this team of Microsoft. ,Many thanks! Some of my articles:

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    Nam Ngo Thanh (@mrnamvas) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hello everyone. I am Ngo Thanh Nam. I'm now grade 5 teacher at Vietnam Australia International school at Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I participated in Teacher with creativity contest in Vietnam and luckily achieved the first prize. After the event, I am known more with the job of technology-applied teaching and I'm greatly interested in those wonderful things. I love teaching that has the interaction between teacher and students, all of which generates more interest and inspiration for my job. Besides, I’m also the educational specialist this year. It’s spectacular to work and learn from other specialists. My sincere thanks to Microsoft.

    My Interests
    Reading book, learning new things

    Favorite Quote
    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

    Favorite Book
    The Call of the Wild

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