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Hi, my name is Mary Knoll.

I am a certified physical heath and well being coach. I am a prolific author and often contribute to publications such as Forbes, Huffingtonpost, ABC and the BBC.

I teach Health, Wellbeing, Nutrition and Fitness at the University of California, Irvine.

I also work with not-for-profits and international organisations to understand third-world economies, and how we can deliver affordable food and water to countries in need. I am currently studying the use of liquid-based food as a way to deliver nutrition to those who need it, at extremely affordable costings. My research is based on delivering the nutrients a human being needs through a liquid-based diet. Part of this work is focused on using food processors to finely cut, chop and grind food down into a sort of "milled" texture; where it can then be used as part of a liquid diet.

This work is in co-operation with, and their impeccable knowledge of Food Processor Reviews.

I work regularly with teens aged between 13 and 18 to improve their daily well being, health and fitness to prepare them for the future. If you would like any advice on health or nutrition, feel free to contact me any time. I operate on a not-for-profit basis in my education; and will be more than happy to consult with any teenager free of charge and put together custom diet plans.

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