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My Story

I am a world traveler. I created a bucket list of places to see long ago and slowly am making my way through the list. It has morphed at times, but my experiences have only been richer because of all the places I have seen and people I have met. I was born, raised, and live most of the year in Tennessee. My husband and I also have a home in Greece and we spend as much time as possible in our village, Neromanna, as we can. In addition to Greece, I have spent time in Japan, Australia, England, Scotland, Wales, and many countries in Europe. My adventures always made their way back into my classroom when I was teaching. At one time or other I have taught grades 1-8. I retired from teaching after 21 years in the classroom and spent another 10 as the Tech Coordinator for my local district. Upon retirement from public education, I became the first Microsoft Fellow. I now work with two other talented fellows in the USA bringing Microsoft technologies to students and teachers across the USA.

My Interests
Nothing is better than sitting around the kitchen table sharing coffee or a meal with good friends while having great conversation. I also love travel as well as reading and the outdoors. I could ride a horse before I could walk and enjoy farm life.

Favorite Quote
There is nothing I can not accomplish, one step at a time.

Favorite Book
Reading so many technical articles for work, my recreational reading is mostly historical, romance, or lately paranormal.

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