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    Joshua Davidson

    Josh is the author of the Night Zookeeper and the man behind the Night Zookeeper concept. Josh completed a Bachelors degree in Fine Art where he specialised in Painting, before completing a Masters degree in Digital Art. He has studied at Newcastle University (UK), The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia), Norwich School of Art & Design (UK), and worked for some of the top digital agencies in London (UK) and Washington DC (USA). Josh has spent the last two years working in schools across the UK, delivering Night Zookeeper projects. He loves elephants, stories about stars and songs about love.

    Paul Hutson

    Paul is a primary school teacher who has worked in schools in the Middle East and the UK. He is Co-Founder of Night Zookeeper ( & a creative children’s website, school project and interactive story. Paul currently travels the UK delivering Night Zookeeper experiences, which focus on creativity and improving student Literacy, Art and computing skills. If your school is planning a theme project you can get in touch with Paul on Twitter @nightzookeeper

    My Interests
    Animals, magical, art, stories, writing, creativity, books, imagination, ideas and more.

    Favorite Quote
    "Ideas are like lights, they can change the way you see the world!" The Time-Travelling Elephant

    Favorite Book
    Night Zookeeper and the Spying Giraffes

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