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    Ages 11-13 / Ages 8-10
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    Science and history. Topics can include: Alchemy as "magick" and how Alchemy grew into modern science. Isaac Newton. Mathematics in unexpected places, i.e. music. Writing and creativity.

From the titles, you might think Mary Losure’s books are fiction. But she assures you that every word of ISAAC THE ALCHEMIST: SECRETS OF ISAAC NEWTON, REVEAL’D is not only true, but documented with primary sources. So is WILD BOY: THE REAL LIFE OF THE SAVAGE OF AVEYRON and even THE FAIRY RING, OR ELSIE AND FRANCES FOOL THE WORLD. (In case you wondered, THE FAIRY RING is the true story of two young girls who fooled Sir Arthur Conan Doyle into thinking they had taken photographs of actual fairies.)

A former staff reporter for Minnesota Public Radio and freelance contributor to National Public Radio, she now investigates stories with children as the main characters. In the classroom, she enjoys discussing questions such as “What is the difference between science and magic?” and “How do we know what’s true, and what isn’t?” with young readers. She loves the questions children ask, which are often ones she would never have thought of herself.

She lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with her husband Don (who is currently at work on a totally untrue book about dragons) and no pets.

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My Interests
Literary time travel. Playing roots music on the mandolin. Growing monkshood and enchanter's nightshade in my garden. &c.

Favorite Quote
"To take what there is and use it, without waiting forever in vain for the preconceived; to dig deep into the actual and get something out of that...doubtless, that is the right way to live." Henry James

Favorite Book
Ok, not Henry James. But many, many others too numerous to mention.

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