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Roberto Stefanetti [MVP]

Microsoft MVP Profile

Roberto Stefanetti is Technical & functional consultant with 14 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dyanamics 365 Business Central. Currently he works as a project manager and technical advisor for NAVlab, an italian partner.


..from Navision Attain 3.60 to Dynamics NAV & Business Central

He discovered Dynamics NAV in 2004 (seeing before a product addon that the product itself), after he decided to develop knowledge and expertise on the product independently and created his first blog in 2007 (with 1/2 million of Viewed Posts),

About New Blog

He created in 2015 a new blog (to handle new social features), in which frequently writes about new features, articles, reviews of books, presentations and conferences; currently he has many visitors from around the world (this blog has more than #5 millions of pageviews and is positioned under 12.000 blogs in Italy).

Microsoft Dynamics Community

He is registered and actively participates in Microsoft Dynamics Community Forums & Blogs, since Community foundation; he was for two years moderator of the Microsoft Dynamics Community-NAV, has temporarily left this role to improve his blog.

Actual job and Expertise


Currently he involved mainly in NAV (and related addons distributed by NAVlab), he works both for local and international projects,, also works on SQL Server and Power BI. He as done beta testing, bug fixing and product improvement activities.

Expertise : from Navision 3.60 to Dynamics NAV 2016, Technical & Consultant in Manufacturing, Trade & Inventory & Logistics, Retail, Web Services, SQL Server and systems integration,

My Interests
MVP Business Solutions - NAV, Microsoft Dynamics Trainer (MCT 2009), Partners Training, Academics & Masters Training

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The Name of Rose

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