DINO Virtual Park Ranger

DINO Virtual Park Ranger

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    All Ages
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    Science / Animals / Geography / Climate & Environment
  • Guest Speaker Expertise
    Geology and Paleontology of Dinosaur National Monument

Our virtual field trips will be conducted by one of our park rangers or volunteers. Our focus is on the paleontology and geology of the Morrison Formation in Dinosaur National Monument. We love being able to talk with and introduce students to the incredible resources found at the monument. Virtual Field Trips are offered from November through the end of March.

My Interests
Paleontology, Geology, History, Biology, Geography

Favorite Quote
"At last, in the top of the ledge where the softer overlying beds form a divide, a kind of saddle, I saw eight of the tail bones of a brontosaurus in exact position. It was a beautiful sight." Paleontologist, Earl Douglass